Exclusive Webinar for AAHA Members

Challenging Conversations Around Employee Performance

Wednesday, July 31st 1:00pm (EST)

As a leader, engaging in conversations about performance with employees shouldn’t be something to fear, but often, it can feel that way. Learning to provide clear, consistent feedback in a way that helps team members make choices and shift their behavior can be the difference between improvement and stagnation for your practice.

This webinar will help any leader create a consistent process for how they have challenging performance conversations and do it in a way that leaves staff members grateful for the conversation and armed with a plan to continuously develop and improve.

*This webinar is RACE approved.

Featured Speaker:

Randy Hall

Randy Hall

Randy Hall is a leadership consultant and CEO of Aspire. Since founding his own consulting business in 2009 he has worked with thousands of veterinary hospital leaders and staff members to help them capture the full potential of their own veterinary practices.

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