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Up off the concrete

Up Off the Concrete

As we are all making small steps to get back to a normal way of life, many of us are still facing enormous challenges.  These may be challenges around how to maintain a profitable, yet safe practice, how to deal…
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Leading during change

Leading During Times of Change

Usually, change takes time.  When you are looking to lead any kind of change in your practice, there is typically a period of time where you can plan, collaborate, and adjust to change.  But right now, veterinary practices across the…
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Transparency in your veterinary practice

The Art of Transparency

During times of uncertainty, it is critical that leaders are able to engage with their teams, be seen as trustworthy, and position themselves to lead with influence.  One way to accomplish this is to increase the level of transparency throughout…
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Communication in your veterinary practice

The Reality of Communication

I was working with a veterinary practice owner recently who told me, “My team is very honest with me.  I’ve told them that it’s okay to bring me bad news and so they do.” I’ve heard this statement, in some…
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